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TOPIC: Server / Mumble Rules!

Server / Mumble Rules! 1 year 11 months ago #520

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We work hard to pay for the cost of running this community so please respect that by utilizing our servers while playing an LTD pug.

Whenever you are assigned a tank you should play that tank. Do not spectate because you do not want an "easy tank" or "no fun tank".

An exception to this would be if someone has already played tank and they are picked again. In this case that person should spectate as soon as their infected dies after the first attack. This way a player that has not played the tank yet will get picked.

Another exception would be if you are subbing for a team and the person you are subbing for has already played tank. You should spectate as soon as your infected dies after the first attack so a teammate that has not played tank can.

What we consider cheating/hacking

-Internal or external programs that aim for you or assist in your aim.
-Aim bots, no spreads, ESP (wallhacks), etc.
-Alterations to SI skins
-SI trails
-Altering the map to remove vegetation(Mathacks).
-Alterations to sound files.
-Custom weapon skins.
-Custom skyboxes.
-Custom huds.
-Custom cross-hairs.
***Basically just play in pure mode and you will be fine***

If you are caught with any of these items you will be on a PERMANENT BAN.

What we consider not hacking/cheating

-Custom autoexecs

Bans/Complaints Info

Limited ban offenses (1 day, 2 day, 3 day, permanent) apply to the following:

-Trolling or disrespect to other members of the community.
-Mumble spams.
-Steam group announcement spam.
-Abusing bugs, Glitches, Unsportsmanlike conduct.
-Other misc. things that may came up.

All bans are community bans. This means if you are banned it applies to all games we host.

DO NOT approach an admin to dispute a ban. If you want to dispute a ban post in our ban dispute section on our forums. Explain what happened and why you feel the ban should be lifted.


You may file a complaint about anything. If you have a complaint about one of our admins DO NOT contact another admin. File a complaint in our user issues section on the forum. Explain what happened.


How to start a PUG

-Join an empty L4D2 game lobby on mumble.
*** Lobbies are identified by skill level. Please respect this.
-Create an event on the LTD steam group page.

First posting

1) L4D2 Pug - Lobby - Level
Example: L4D2 Pug Lobby 3 Mixed

Edit event title to update playercount

1) L4D2 Pug - Number - Lobby - Level
Example: L4D2 Pug 4/8 Lobby 3 Mixed


The Individual who starts the pug is captain for one side, and will pick someone around their skill level as the opposing captain.
-Once captains are decided they will pick heads or tails.
-Then type !coinflip in game and whoever is correct gets the first pick.
*** Lets say team A won the coin toss. The order of picks is as follows:
*Team A
*Team B
*Team A
*Team B
*Team A
*Team B
*Team B
*Team A
-The team with the first pick must move to the "first pick" mumble channel.

Note - If you are unsure what skill level you are ask the players in the pug if it is ok that you participate. Usually the general concensus is correct.

Common Questions:

Q) How do we decide captains?

A) There is three acceptable ways to do this.
1- Two people volunteer to be captains.
2- Whoever starts the pug is the first captain. They will pick a person of the same skill level to be the other captain.
3- Use the random number generator to pick captains. This will go by the spectator slots in game.
***Type !picknumber 8 in game. This will choose a random number to be the first captain. That person then moves to one of the teams in game.
***Type !picknumber 7 in game. This will choose a random number to be the second captain. That person moves to the other team in game.

Spec slots in game:
1. bob
2. tom
3. joe
4. sarah
5. john
6. lindsey
7. maria
8. renee

The command !picknumber 8 randomly chooses 4. Sarah moves to a team as the first captain.
The command !picknumber 7 randomely chooses 1. Bob moves to the other team as the second captain.

Q) Which team moves in mumble once the teams are decided?

A) The team that picked first must move to the "first pick" mumble channel.

Q) What if i have to leave a Pug game for whatever reason?

A) As for "raging" out of a game. Please do not do that. As we all understand that real life things can come up while you are playing a PUG game. Please do your best to find a replaced player of your same skill level so not to unbalance the game when you leave.

Q) Is Finale Required?

A) It is up to the losing team at the end of map 4 to decide whether they wish to play finale. If it is reported that somebody is not respecting this rule an admin may take action.

We will be happy to add any questions and answers. Just contact an admin.

New rules take effect immediately. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you break any rules there will be consequences.

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